When manufacturing precision parts, technical cleaning is essential. If a component is sullied by factory debris, it can cause a host of issues later down the production line – such as preventing other materials from bonding to its surface, or even electrical failures in the final product.

At Clamason, we want every customer to feel confident that the pressed parts we produce are immaculately clean and ready for the shop floor. So, we’ve stepped up our technical cleaning capabilities – and can now offer you greater efficiency than ever before.

Introducing the ATC-100

As a leading-edge process offering highly advanced technical cleaning, the ATC-100 serves OEMs with the maximum part cleanliness required when bringing advanced products to market.

The ATC-100, developed in collaboration with PERO, stands apart from alternatives due to its distinctive entry and exit system. It’s fully enclosed, ensuring that parts are protected from any contaminates in the environment.

Its programmes include:

  • Particle Extraction – Performed on a measuring microscope, honing in on count and size of particles (as per customer specifications).
  • Surface Free Evaluation – Calculates contact, angle and surface tension.
  • Dyne Inks – Assesses dyne levels.
  • RFU Meters – Monitors residual, organic contamination.

How does the ATC-100 elevate Clamason’s technical cleaning process?

The innovative ATC-100 process empowers Clamason to perform technical cleaning in four key stages:

  1. Parts are loaded onto bespoke racks which fit into standard baskets. This allows the machine to be more flexible than many alternatives.
  2. Once the baskets exit the chamber, they head directly to a purpose-built, class 8 cleanroom. This is configured to offer complete environmental control and features a testing laboratory, developed to VDA19 standards. All workers in this area comply with Medical GMP criteria, meaning they’re equipped with appropriate clothing and protective equipment.
  3. Once tests are complete, components are vacuum-packed into customer specific packaging. This prevents any contamination during the packing phase.
  4. Packed components exit the cleaning cell via an interlock. Again, this ensures that parts are completely free of metallic particles and other contaminates.

Did you know that all the benefits of the ATC-100 can be experienced as part of our new sub-contractor cleaning service?

Demand for stamped components is growing. When technical cleaning can’t be performed in-house during a surge of demand, a threat of missed deadlines and falling standards can loom.

At Clamason, we now offer our leading-edge technical cleaning as a sub-contractor service, empowering OEMs to outsource this critical responsibility with confidence. We have a proven track record of cleaning EV and Hybrid components to an exceptional standard, as well as parts for medical instruments, using state of the art cleaning machinery across our UK & European sites.

Covering everything from basic degreasing to solvent cleaning with ultrasonic technology, Clamason is the perfect partner to maintain and improve your high standards – equipping you for future success.

With over 30 years’ experience in metal component cleaning, you can trust Clamason to deliver cast part cleaning of aluminium and stainless-steel instruments at the highest standard – on time, every time.

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