Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply Chain Logistics is the backbone of global trade. Clamason has an established supply chain network dealing with all the logistical aspects of trading internationally.

Clamason’s supply chain logistics is dealt with by its professional logistics team that manages quoting, invoicing and purchasing in multiple currencies, as well as communicates globally on aspects such as customer service, planning and risk-management. Our commitment to international quality systems and standards, along with our promise to deliver exceptional customer service requires us to consistently deliver our promises to provide quality products that are fit for purposes, in budget and to our agreed schedule.

Having manufacturing sites in the UK and Slovakia, suppliers all around the world (in the UK, Europe and the Far East) and customers across the globe, Clamason’s supply chain logistics runs smoothly and cost-effectively to satisfy customers and suppliers needs.

  • An established, streamlined supply chain network
  • Manages quoting, invoicing and purchasing in multiple currencies
  • Exceptional customer service
  • A highly skilled team of industry experts
  • Manufacturing sites in the UK and Slovakia
  • A wide range of global customers and years of experience
  • Smooth, cost effective and reliable
  • Consistently deliver our promises to provide a quality solution

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