End to end project management for metal presswork and technical cleaning

Clamason’s precision presswork is underpinned by vast, expert capabilities.

These capabilities enable your project to benefit from continued innovation – which in turn equates to timely, cost-efficient, and quality production.


Whether you require a brand-new design or an improvement to an existing component, Clamason’s UK Design Centre in Kingswinford will employ industry-leading CAD software to maximise value and reduce costs.

Clamason’s expert design team will make it their priority to determine the best possible process and materials to support your project. By using innovative simulation software, a final design can be produced based on extensive testing – all without a single piece of material being wasted, or any time spent on fruitless production runs.

In doing so, you can trust Clamason to forecast the feasibility and performance of your project before production starts, enabling both short lead times and excellent results.

You can discover more about our design capabilities here.

Project Management

When you work with Clamason, you can be confident that your manufacturing project will be supported by unrivalled customer service. To streamline our services and ensure that you always have access to a single, expert point of contact, every project is underpinned by a dedicated project manager.

Your project manager will be your eyes and ears in our facility, ensuring that your project is completed on time and within budget, while keeping you fully informed along the way.

The result? Lasting relationships built on trust, clarity and excellent results.

You can find out more about our project management expertise here.


Quality components start with excellent tooling. That’s why we won’t begin the manufacture of your component until we know you have the best tooling available.

All tooling is designed in-house by Clamason experts, using specialist CAD software.  For the manufacturing process, we only work with trusted suppliers of whom we’ve built long-term relationships. This means you’ll always benefit from the most competitive costs and advantageous lead times.

Better yet, Clamason’s UK and Slovakian premises are both equipped with in-house tool shops, so any required modifications, maintenance or spare parts can be managed quickly and efficiently.

You can read more about our tooling capabilities here.


As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of precision metal pressings, Clamason offer a full house of processes to ensure that your component is made to your exact requirements.

Precision/Progression Pressings

Clamason have the scope to fulfil all of your precision and progression pressing needs, from conventional progression pressings, right through to drawn parts.

With presses ranging from 100 to 300 tonnes and running at speeds of up to 100 strokes per minute, we have the capability to work with a whole host of sizes and materials. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled operators, we can produce between 50,000 and 5 million components per annum – the perfect solution for those who need the flexibility to scale.

Our precision and progression pressings are trusted by leading automotive and industrial manufacturers, all over the word. Find out more here.

High Speed Pressings

Our high-speed pressings do exactly what it says on the tin, with the capability to produce more than 1,000 parts per minute.

Using innovative high speed Bruderer and Kaiser presses, we can work with a wide range of materials to be used in a host of applications. Furthermore, our highly skilled team of experts will ensure that your project always stays on track, thanks to a comprehensive quality control service including in-line camera technology.

You can read more about our high-speed pressing capabilities here.

Transfer Pressings

Transfer pressings are ideal for boxed components, components that require joined corners or require stamping direction in different orientations.

From consumer electronics housings to ECU covers and automotive infotainment housings, we can take care of your transfer pressing needs. Find out more here.

Multi-Slide Pressings

Multi-slide pressings produce several forms simultaneously, allowing complex components to be created with minimal material usage. This often eliminates the need for secondary metal pressing operations.

We work with a range of high profile, global clients, using our state-of-the-art Heenan & Froude, Rockwell and Bihler equipment. Discover more here.

Technical Cleaning

Suitable for all post-production cleaning requirements, Clamason employs five major cleaning machines per plant which ensure compliance with all industry regulations.

Meeting class 8 international clean room standards, our capabilities include solvent cleaning with ultrasonic technology and controlled packaging environments.

Find out more here.

Materials and Finishes

Clamason manufacture components across a wide range of specifications and finishes, including steel, copper and aluminium. Just click here to see the full list.


Clamason follow the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) in line with IATF 16949 requirements. You can find out about the level of PPAPs we produce here.

Complementary Services

Clamason provide a range of complementary services to support the production of your components.

Assembly (Manual/Automated)

If your product requires sub-assembly, Clamason can help. Offering both manual and automated options, our assembly services are high-quality and led by industry experts. Find out more.

Tape & Reel Packing

Clamason’s top of the line machinery allows for ultimate efficiency of packing units and product orientation. With the choice of both plastic and cardboard reels, your parts can be packaged to your exact specification. Read more about our Tape & Reel packing services here.


If you need your components to be completely burr-fee, Clamason can help.

Three in-house machines ensure rapid turn-around, enhancing the safety and efficiency of your product, every time. Read more.


TOX®-Clinching is a simple joining technique that doesn’t require additional elements of heat. Rather, it relies on cold-forming, which is highly cost effective and extremely reliable.

In addition, Clamason also offers traditional riveting, with millions of rivets, pins and nuts pressed into parts each year.

You can find out more about both of these services here.

DMC Code Printing

If component tracking is an important part of your project, Clamason can help you to allow full traceability. Read more.

Welding & Wire Erosion

Clamason has numerous quality welding and wire erosion services available, allowing you to produce multiple parts, together in high volumes. We use the lastest AgieCharmilles technology for excellent value for money, with even the most complex tooling able to be repaired in-house.

Find out more.

Medical Packing

Clamason offers both automated and manual medical packing options, providing a range of suitable solutions to suit client specifications.

We are fully equipped with class 8 cleanroom environments and can implement class 7 packing, where required. In addition, we also offer specialist services to clients whose parts require ISO13485 standards. Find out more.


Overmoulding is process that Clamason has been using for 7 years, with continued success. Armed with two in-house vertical moulding machines, we have a wealth of experience in the overmoulding services required by automotive and industrial clients. Read more.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Clamason’s supply chain logistics is dealt with by its professional logistics team that manages quoting, invoicing and purchasing in multiple currencies, as well as communicates globally on aspects such as customer service, planning and risk-management.

You can rely on us to provide a smooth service that is cost-effective and reliable, thanks to our highly skilled team of industry experts. Discover more today.

Medical Validation

Clamason has been producing products for the medical market for 20 years. We’re ISO: 13485 accredited and all of our components are fully process validated, with staff trained in the use of Corrective and Preventative Actions. Find out more about our medical validation capabilities.

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