TOX®-Clinching is a process which is highly regarded by the whole sheet metal working industry due to its cost effectiveness and reliability. It’s a simple joining technique that does not required additional elements or heat. Using a cold-forming process, TOX®-Clinching produces a button-type, positive connection for two or three layers of sheet metal using the solid die-cavity patented by TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK. Clamason has several stand-alone TOX stations available at both its UK and Slovakian plant. It’s also possible for Clamason to add a TOX station as part of the progression tooling process, in order to reduce client manufacturing costs by removing the cost of a separate post-pressing operation.

Clamason inserts millions of rivets, pins and nuts into pressed parts each year. Our extensive experience in this area has helped us develop some self-riveting technology that allows two pieces of steel to be riveted together. This could involve connecting two separate components, or alternatively joining folded corners of one component together.

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  • Does not required additional elements or heat
  • Creates button-type, positive connection of 2-3 layers of sheet metal
  • Uses cold-forming process
  • Uses solid die cavity patented by TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK
  • Highly cost effective & extremely reliable
  • A wide range of industry leading TOX Stations
  • It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets
  • Can also add TOX station to the progression tooling, saving cost

Want to include tox-clinching or riveting as part of a manufacturing project?