1.5m manufactured per annum

Empowering Healthcare Innovations with Precision Engineering

At Clamason, we’re driven by a commitment to excellence and innovation in the medical sector.

With decades of experience in metal stamping, we specialise in the production of critical components that advance medical care and all-important patient safety.

Drug delivery
Drug delivery

Medical Devices: Precision Manufacturing for Healthcare Needs

On the front line, healthcare never stands still. It’s this constant, urgent pace which underpins product development across all medical disciplines. Clamason supports this continuous evolution with its state-of-the-art precision pressings for drug delivery components – manufactured to exact specifications, at pace and ready to scale.

Our facilities in the United Kingdom and Slovakia are extensively equipped to meet the complex demands of the healthcare industry, producing more than 300 million high-quality medical device components annually.

Why Choose Clamason?

  • Accredited Excellence. Achieving ISO13485 accreditation in 2008, we have established ourselves as a key supplier in the medical device sector, specialising in components for drug delivery devices such as insulin pens and dry powder inhalers.
  • Product development. The team have extensive experience in providing customer design for manufacture advice utilising 70+ years of experience. In addition, Clamason can provide production representative prototypes giving clients the ability to realistically perform testing prior to launching production tooling.
  • Precision and Quality. Our commitment to precision is unmatched, with components crafted from premium stainless steel, via advanced Bruderer presses delivering speeds up to 1000 parts per minute. Rigorous inspection processes, including 100% camera checking and batch verification, ensure the highest quality.
  • Comprehensive Solutions. From thorough cleaning protocols to tailored packaging solutions, Clamason offers end-to-end services to take your medical device project from concept to completion.

Rigid Needle Shields (RNS): Safeguarding Healthcare Practices

Clamason is a leading manufacturer of RNS remover components, with 5 different variants prototyped and in commercial manufacture. These essential components – made from stainless steel and approximately 0.2mm thick – play a crucial role in auto injector development and functionality.

Innovative RNS Solutions

  • Bespoke Designs. Recognising the diverse requirements of healthcare devices, we offer flexible RNS Remover solutions, accommodating different sizes and designs.
  • Agile Manufacturing. Our unique three-phase approach, from prototype to full production tooling, ensures versatility and efficiency in meeting specific client requirements.
  • Collaborative Expertise. Clamason’s team is adept at working with a range of shield designs, offering end-to-end support from initial design to commercialisation.

Why Partner with Clamason for RNS Production?

  • Accredited Reliability. Our ISO13485 and in-house validation expertise
  • Customisation and Flexibility. With extensive experience in medical-grade metals and precision stamping, we provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each project.
    clamason celebrated a remarkable milestone_ 1000 days without lost time due to injury

    Choose Clamason Industries for Drug Delivery Components

    At Clamason, we do more than just manufacture components – we innovate solutions that contribute to safer, more effective medical care. Our expertise in drug delivery components, combined with our commitment to quality and precision, makes us the ideal partner for your next project.

    Contact us today to discover how we can support your healthcare innovation goals.

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