Clamason Industries, a leader in precision metal stamping and assembly, began their collaboration with ViperClip to help develop a vital fire safety component for the ViperClip system. The ViperClip, an innovative cable fastening solution designed by electrician David Gray, aims to improve the efficiency and safety of electrical installations. This case study tells the story behind the design and manufacture of the ViperClip’s fire plate, a critical component in making the ViperClip compliant with updated fire safety regulations.

​The Challenge

Updated fire safety regulations were introduced in response to instances where fire caused cables, secured by plastic clips, to collapse from ceilings posing a dangerous hazard to firefighters. The ViperClip required a fire-rated component to meet these new standards.

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The Solution: ViperClip Fire Plate

The ViperClip fire plate is a metal insert integrated into the ViperClip to ensure it remains fire compliant where necessary. The plate is made of steel, designed to form a protective cage around cables in the event of a fire, preventing premature collapse. This feature is vital for ensuring the safety of electrical installations in fire-prone environments.

Design Collaboration Process

The design process began with a clean slate, where Clamason Industries worked closely with ViperClip to understand the intricacies of the device and the requirements it needed to meet fire safety regulations. Discussions focused on creating a metal plate that would not only be cost-effective but also efficient in manufacturing. Clamason leveraged expertise to propose a design that allowed for the simultaneous production of two fire plates within each stamping process, enhancing both cost-efficiency and production capacity.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process involved precision metal stamping, where a strip of metal is fed into a machine and stamped to create the fire plates. This process was optimised to produce two plates at once, a strategy not initially expected but proved to be the most cost-effective method. Clamason used a spreadsheet-based approach to experiment with different production parameters, ultimately finding the best balance between cost and efficiency. The plates feature four holes, two for the nails to secure the clip and two for heat control, ensuring the plate remains attached to the plastic clip even under extreme heat, where the plastic would melt away.

Outcome and Impact

The collaboration between Clamason Industries and ViperClip resulted in a successful design and manufacture of the ViperClip fire plate, making the device fire compliant. The innovative approach to the design and manufacturing process not only ensured the product met the necessary safety standards but also optimised production efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The ViperClip, enhanced by the ViperClip fire plate, has been fully tested and passed by an independent third party, marking a significant advancement in electrical installation safety.


The partnership between Clamason Industries and ViperClip demonstrates the power of collaboration in addressing complex challenges. By combining ViperClip’s innovative vision for the ViperClip with Clamason’s expertise in precision metal stamping, the team was able to create a fire-safe solution that meets the needs of the industry while adhering to the latest safety regulations.

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