Metal stamping services at Clamason

With over seven decades of proven stamping industry experience, Clamason Industries represents Europe’s leading manufacturer of precision metal stampings and presswork. With a turnover well in excess of £20 million, Clamason has developed a renowned reputation within the global manufacturing and export markets. Today we are a leading UK manufacturer of a wide range of components in precision metal stampings and are proud to work with some of the world’s biggest players across the medical, industrial, eco-tech, and automotive sectors. We have two large production sites – our UK manufacturing base in West Midlands, and an additional plant in Slovakia which enhances our distribution efficiencies across Europe. Both sites also offer a full suite of metal stamping services, including presswork, cleaning, assembly and welding.

Advanced metal stamping capabilities

Clamason has made significant investment in its precision metal stamping production capabilities, investing in state-of-the-art industrial stamping presses, and the development of advanced welding and automation. This has enabled the company to target the expanding markets in the fields of automotive safety and electronics. Applications within these sectors include the development of complex stampings for airbags, engine control units, in-car entertainment systems and driverless technology, which continues to be huge area of growth, particularly in the post-pandemic era. To support its customers, Clamason has BS ISO 9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001 and BS13485 accreditations, and is certified to FDA CFR21 Parts 820, the US standard for metal stampings for medical device, and is one of the only stampers in Europe to be compliant to this standard. In addition, Clamason are proud to have been awarded a silver EcoVadis rating in 2022. EcoVadis are the awarding body that provide accreditation for yearly sustainability audits. The latter are undertaken by some 60,000 companies in more than 150 countries.
With intelligent data processing, in-die tooling capabilities, and complex press and tooling, our metal stamping operations are well-equipped to produce some of the most intricate, finely-made metal pressings in the industry whilst being cost-efficient as there is a lower cost per volume, faster production and less scrap metal.
Our engineers collaborate with clients from the outset of a project, using advanced stamping simulation technology to inform the design phase. We also guarantee precision tooling in a quick and efficient manner, with next-to-no waste.

Once stamped, components can be cleaned and packed in safe environments, completing a full-service solution.


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