Precision engineering of tools and components

Quality stamped components rely on great tooling

At Clamason, we understand that precision pressing and stamping is underpinned by tooling you can trust. That’s why we choose to design your tooling in-house, to Clamason specifications, which insist on the precision and characteristics to make your project a success.

Highly experienced CAD specialists

All our tooling is designed by a specialist team, using CAD tooling software in Clamason’s UK Design Centre.

The design team make pivotal decisions to ensure only the best tooling material is used for each project, considering critical elements such as the production life of each tool. The expertise of this process ensures that you not only receive a quality output, but value, too.

Competitive costs and advantageous lead times

Once your tooling is designed, we ensure that it’s supplied by a dependable manufacturer.

Our network of suppliers is built on years of trust and successful working relationships. This allows us to secure competitive prices and advantageous lead times which lead to projects being completed on time and within budget.

A diverse supplier list will allow you to choose the best option to suit your needs. While some of our tooling suppliers are based in the Far East, we also have a number of suppliers based in the UK, for clients who prefer a more local option.

Tooling cost can vary depending on several factors, such as the configuration, strength and rigidity of the tools required. Quality, however, will never be a differential factor. All tooling ordered by Clamason is fully inserted and made from quality materials with Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) fixings.

In-house tool shops at both UK & Slovakian premises

If your tooling requires maintenance, modification or spare parts during the production cycle, our in-house tool shops at both the UK and Slovakian premises will take care of those needs without delay. So, there’s no need for a to-and-fro with third parties; we’ll make sure your tooling is ordered quickly and efficiently, with future servicing available at our own facility, exactly when you need it.

  • Designed in-house on our specialist CAD tooling software
  • Highly skilled and experienced team of CAD specialists
  • Competitive costs and advantageous lead time
  • Leading suppliers from the UK and overseas
  • Made from quality materials with SMED fixings
  • In-house tool shops at both UK/Slovakian premises