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Advanced metal stamping and pressing solutions for a variety of industrial applications

Clamason Industries boast a wide range of ongoing, successful relationships in the industrial pressings sector for a multitude of customers around the globe. Clamason Industries (UK and Slovakia) are the ideal solution for quality industrial pressings, regularly producing excellent results and using innovative, cost saving methods. We constantly surpass expectations by utilising the latest state of the art machinery – producing a high volume of industrial pressings at excellent value for money with no compromise on quality.

Our industrial pressings have an unrivalled level of accuracy and are produced at very high speeds (whilst still saving on waste). Our highly skilled and experienced engineers will carefully strategise at the initial stages of the project – maximising value for money and performance and also minimising downtime.

Clamason are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of industrial pressings, we have an unrivalled reputation around the globe for helping our clients gain a competitive advantage through manufacturing excellence. We offer a one-stop service, from the initial concepts all the way through to development. Clamason Industries work closely with a range of leading global companies in the industrial sector and regularly exceed expectations by producing innovative solutions for maximising quality and minimising cost.

Our pressings are produced for a wide range of applications within the industrial sector and can be utilised for Construction, Consumer Electronics, Domestic Appliances, E-Bikes, Home Safety, Power & Distribution, Drives, Controls and Telecoms.

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Clamason produces a variety of quality industrial pressings for the construction industry, these range from medium to high volumes.

Consumer Electronics

Over the years, Clamason Industries has made numerous items that are vital to the running of household name products.


Whichever market we provide for, our goal is to help our customers reduce their production costs by smartly re-evaluating tooling and component design.

Home Safety

For over 30 years, Clamason have supplied industrial pressings for components that are assembled into smoke detectors, enhancing the safety of your home.

Drives & Controls

Drives and controls play a huge part in our daily lives, as they are used in a range of applications such as train doors, airport luggage systems, conveyor systems and production automation systems.


To view our case study on the re-design of aluminium casting to pressed parts please CLICK HERE.

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