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Automotive Pressings and Stampings Manufacturer

Clamason have established a wide range of trusted relationships in the automotive pressings sector for numerous global customers. Clamason are the number one solution for cost effective automotive pressings, offering optimum results for all of our client’s needs. We are able to exceed expectations using highly advanced, state of the art machinery to produce high volume automotive pressings, at competitive costs with no compromise on quality!

Our automotive pressings boast an extremely high level of accuracy, produced at the highest of speeds with minimal waste. Our experienced and highly skilled team will meticulously plan at the beginning of the project to maximise accuracy and value for money whilst minimising downtime.

As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of automotive pressings, Clamason Industries (UK and Slovakia) have an excellent reputation throughout global markets for giving our clients a competitive advantage through manufacturing excellence. Clamason offer a quality all-round solution, from design through to development … we support leading global clients throughout the automotive sector and take extreme pride in regularly exceeding expectations and delivering effective ways to maximise quality and minimise cost.

Our metal pressings are expertly manufactured in the UK and Slovakia for a multitude of applications within the sector and can be used for active safety mechanisms, clusters, cockpit structures engine control units, fuel systems, infotainment, lighting, passive safety, reception systems and tyre pressure sensors making us one of Europe’s leading automotive stamping companies.

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