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Component Manufacturing for New Eco Technology

Technology is constantly evolving to meet the complex needs of life on our earth. Almost everything we do requires technology to make it practical, comfortable, or even possible. From your morning coffee and commute to safe housing conditions and healthcare, we rely on innovation. However, these incredible benefits to our quality of life can have far-reaching consequences elsewhere.

Industrialisation has damaged ecosystems and biodiversity as a result of consumption and waste, contributing to irreversible climate change and devastation of natural resources. However, forward-thinking manufacturers can still respond to climate change and mitigate its impact on future generations.

By turning our attention to sustainable technology, we can champion the environmentally friendly solutions that support innovation, while minimising harm to the environment.

Ecotechnology – or ‘eco tech’ – is an applied science that aims to support human needs while causing minimal ecological disruption.

With the environmental consequences of industrialisation already clear, the uptake of green technology in the manufacturing industry is essential. It will help us to responsibly enjoy the pillars of our society, including reliable transportation and life-saving healthcare, without neglecting our ecological responsibilities.

Of course, we want to make our own manufacturing processes as eco-friendly as possible, too. That’s why we adhere to a company-wide environmental pledge.

Eco tech is developing at pace and manufacturers like Clamason are constantly adapting to meet the surge in demand. As such, since 2019 we have channelled most of our management and investment into supporting our customers who are revolutionising eco-tech solutions across a range of industries including: e-mobility, energy, power & distribution, and electric & hybrid vehicles.

Why Clamason?

Clamason are proud to underpin the eco tech industry.

Our metal pressings are essential components in numerous eco tech projects. We help to make climate-saving technology accessible to more people by:

  • Creating components that are economical
  • Creating components that are reliable
  • Creating components that are accurate, even in large batches.

We help OEMs to complete their projects on-time and on-budget, allowing advanced products to reach the market quickly. We have ample experience in creating components for the eco tech sector and can provide expert advice to ensure your project is a success.

Coupled with our industry-leading accreditations and over 70 years of metal pressing experience, you can trust us to both meet and exceed your expectations.

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Clamason & Eco Tech Manufacturing: An Overview

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