Clamason’s innovative and continuously evolving capabilities allow you to benefit from timely and efficient production, with excellence expected from every output. Our expertise covers the full house of precision pressing services, including:


At Clamason, quality is the most critical component. Our work is underlined by three principles – continuous improvement, defect prevention and reduction of variation and waste.

The key to our success? Training, empowerment and total commitment.


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At Clamason, we help industry leaders to innovate and develop through exceptionally manufactured components. To achieve this, we partner with global customers to support projects of all sizes, from prototype to production.

These sectors include:

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The most successful projects are sustained by great, long-term relationships.

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Why Clamason?

Our engineers will work with your team early in the design phase, using advanced technology to produce precision tooling quickly, efficiently and with minimal waste.

We’re ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001 and IATF16949 accredited, giving you the assurance that our knowledge and quality of processes will match the specialist needs of your devices. Similarly, we have extensive experience with the unique properties of metals such as stainless steel, allowing us to make highly effective and low-risk decisions in regard to the design and manufacture of your product.

We also understand how to best clean, handle and package precision metal stampings for your industry, allowing us to provide a single, closed loop system for the entire production cycle of your component.

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