Trusted Precision Tooling and Tooling Transfer Services


    Precision tooling services  

    Clamason Industries is the go-to service provider for a range of different sectors for progression tool design, outsourced partner manufacturing, and tooling transfer capabilities where tooling is in existence at a current vendor..  

    Progression tooling is the process of using precision tools to create products with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. This type of tooling is often used in the automotive and medical industries, where exact tolerances are critical, and indeed many Clamason’s own customers are from the medical and automotive sectors. 

    Reduce lead times with Clamason’s efficient and reliable tooling transfer service

    At Clamason, we understand the importance of precision tooling, and when a transfer of established press tools is required, it is carried out with the minimum of inconvenience and as little disruption to production as possible.

    Precision tooling transfer can be done for a variety of reasons, such as when a company relocates its manufacturing operations or when new tooling is required for a specific project. We will pick up your tooling from its current location and transport it to one of our tooling facilities either in the UK or in Slovakia.

    We will then clean and inspect the tooling to ensure that it meets our high standards and in addition we will provide a complimentary tooling condition report. Once the tooling is ready, we will ship it to your new location. 

    Onshoring your tooling when you need it 

    If your tooling requires maintenance, modification or spare parts during the production cycle, our in-house tool shops at both the UK and Slovakian premises will take care of those needs without delay.

    Our tooling transfer service is reliable and efficient, and it will help to ensure that your tooling remains in good condition during the move so there’s no need for a to-and-fro with third parties; we’ll make sure your tooling is ordered quickly and efficiently, with future servicing available at our own facilities, exactly when you need it. 

    Press tooling design with cutting edge CAD software 

    When you choose a tooling design provider, it is important to ensure that they:

    Regularly review designs and consult with their customers to establish expectations, key specifications, and concerns. 

    Display and prove their extensive knowledge of tooling design/manufacture processes and requirements. 

    Do the manufacture inhouse or have reliable supply partners to carry out the tool manufacturing as part of the overall service. 

    Have the right certifications to prove their skill and expertise. 

    At Clamason, we adhere to all of the above. All our press tooling is designed in-house by a specialist team, using CAD tooling software in Clamason’s UK Design Centre. The design team make pivotal decisions to ensure only the best tooling material is used for each project, considering critical elements such as the production life of each tool. Continuously working closely with the tool maker, the design team ensure they see the project through from design to delivery, offering a proven process ensures that you not only receive a quality output, but value, too. 

    Our network of tooling suppliers is built on years of trust and successful working relationships. Our diverse supplier list will allow you to choose the best option to suit your needs, and this also allows us to secure competitive prices and advantageous lead times which lead to projects being completed on time and within budget.  

    Customers who rely on our tooling services