Whether you need to order your first batch of precision pressings or have been working with an incumbent manufacturer for some time, you may find yourself perusing the market for a suitable (or, in the case of the latter, more suitable) supplier.

You may think you have a good understanding of your needs and the kind of partner who could match them. Most of the time, you will be entirely correct – but there are still some common misconceptions that can infiltrate the decision-making process.

Often, these risky assumptions regarding your needs, suppliers and potential solutions can have unintended consequences. They can lead you to pass over legitimate options and fall into a trap of lost money, time and efficiency.

Don’t let it happen to you. Go into your search with your eyes wide open and be wary of these sometimes precarious (but often well-intended) presumptions…

You don’t have the budget for a local supplier.

You may think that manufacturers in the Far East or India will be able to offer you the best price for your batch – and from an invoicing perspective, you might be right. Many overseas suppliers are very cheap indeed… but what about value?

Cost savings need to come from somewhere and it tends to be the quality of production that suffers most. Batches that don’t meet your standards will need to be re-worked and, if you fail to spot any lingering quality issues, your product could fail in the hands of the end user – ultimately costing you your reputation.

Unexpected costs to salvage poor work, boost delayed production and correct compliance issues are a genuine threat to any OEM’s budget – and when you opt for low-price overseas suppliers, the risk increases. Choosing a local supplier may be a bigger investment upfront but, but when it translates to high-quality components that you can trust, you can be confident that you’re protected from hidden expense.

Clamason have manufacturing facilities in the UK and Slovakia, offering a closed-loop method of production that allows projects to be streamlined for the most cost-effective output – without compromising on quality.

Better yet, moving to Clamason could minimise exchange rate exposure when compared to shipping from overseas – as well as reducing the risk of freight delays and creeping shipping costs. Ultimately, partnering with a local supplier could mean you get a lot more than you expect for your budget.

Having two suppliers for one service is a waste of time and resources.

Contrary to what you may believe, having a backup supplier for your manufacturing needs isn’t just double-for-nothing.

Few suppliers are 100% reliable – and some may struggle to align with your goals from the start. If you wait until crisis point to approach a second supplier – such as when your incumbent misses a hard deadline – you could find yourself rushing to arrange alternative support, leading to contracts that perhaps aren’t commercially correct but will get the job done and supply the batch you need.

A second supplier can offer you the essential flexibility to jump into a new production run when required. If you find yourself with a sudden change in requirement that your current supplier cannot accommodate, a second supplier can allow you to keep up with market forces – rapidly changing the pace if you need to scale production up or down, without losing money or missing out on market share.

In addition, many suppliers will have different sources for materials – giving you a much-needed backup if your incumbent unexpectedly struggles with supply. Moreover, if you find yourself with an acute design challenge, a second supplier will be able to offer a fresh perspective – perhaps with access to alternative or improved technology – to solve your issue and get production started smoothly.

Sticking with a tricky supplier is still easier (and cheaper) than switching.

If your current supplier has revealed their shortcomings to you, it may seem simpler to try and navigate them than risk a change.

Ultimately, sticking with a supplier that’s a poor fit can lead to a long-term trickle of losses. Not only do you risk the reputational damage and internal stress of missed deadlines, poor quality or unmet spec, but your long-term options for growth and development are continuously stifled.

If you don’t have a supplier you can trust, you miss opportunities to partner up and work towards innovation. If you must work around poor outputs, your budget is squeezed. If your products miss the mark, your customers lose trust. It’s a cycle of losses.

Moving to a new supplier that can support your long-term goals will help to invigorate your business, giving you the confidence to press on with new projects and maximise the potential of those currently in hand. Furthermore, a supplier with robust project management capabilities will enable a seamless transition from one facility to another, meaning you can quickly restore production – often with a warm welcome of improved efficiency and enhanced ROI.

Don’t let risky assumptions get in the way of your commercial success. Clamason will bring value, efficiency and ease to your metal pressing needs, allowing you to embrace your project’s true potential.

Clamason have more than seven decades of experience in stamping metal pressings.

Our capabilities include:

  • Design services, using expert engineering knowledge to recommend materials and methods that will fit your budget and requirement
  • Project management, ensuring your parts are manufactured to speciation and within budget, even when you’re not around to oversee production
  • Bespoke tooling, which considers not only the material but the production life, for long-term value
  • High-quality, modern machinery that will empower process efficiency
  • Supply chain and logistics capabilities, giving you the option to streamline your efforts and reduce the need for additional third-party contracts
  • Product approval and validation, for ultimate peace of mind that you’ll get what you paid for.

If you need stamped metal components, we can add value to your next project. Just contact our experts today to see how we can help.

In the busy world of product design, it’s not often that you have the time and space to consider your supplier options. But you should.

Clamason’s newly designed guide to meeting pressing needs with capable suppliers is now available for download.

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