Metal Stamping and Pressing Services

Quality Manufactured Components Delivered Quickly

Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) need to know they’re partnered with a component supplier they can trust.

Can your metal pressing partner deal with a sudden increase in orders or the need to bring a product to market both quickly and safely?

There are various things to consider when on the lookout for a new or second component manufacturing partner. It serves to team up with manufacturers you can rely upon to deliver a full service solution – including precision pressing, technical cleaning, component re-design and more.

That company is Clamason Industries.

We have 70 years of experience in the automation, medical, industrial and now eco-tech sectors, making us it one of Europe’s leading component manufacturers of industrial pressings.

If yours is quite literally a pressing need, we’re here to help. Experience a different kind of contract manufacturing with Clamason.

Why Clamason?

ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001 and IATF16949 accredited.

High levels of accuracy at very high speeds of production.

Single, closed loop system for entire production cycle.

UK and European locations.

Over 70 years expertise to help you maximise long-term success.

Our commercial relationships focus on delivery value.

Given significant investment since 2019 to the booming eco-tech sector.

Consistently manufacture precise and high-quality pressed parts in high volumes.

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