Clamason Industries are delighted to announce we have secured a silver EcoVadis rating for 2022.

The benchmark by which corporate social responsibility is judged, this audit is designed to assist customers when selecting suppliers.

Its findings reveal just how seriously (or not) would-be partners take their impact upon the environment.

Clamason were originally asked to carry out the assessment by a pharmaceutical client in 2019. Quickly realising its importance to blue chip companies across different sectors, we have done so annually ever since.

2022’s rankings are significant given a change to the overall scoring criteria.

Far more must now be demonstrated in order to secure a coveted silver rating. In doing so, Clamason have underlined our commitment to furthering environmental, social and governance standards.

Who are EcoVadis?

EcoVadis are the awarding body that provide accreditation for yearly sustainability audits. The latter are undertaken by some 60,000 companies in more than 150 countries.

The assessments were established to assist investors and stakeholders in progressing from the consideration to the decision stage in project planning; ultimately siding with suppliers who can point to a proven track record in this area.

Simply put, the higher the score, the better a company’s approach to the likes of social and ethical improvements. Moreover, the more conscientious and considered their impact on the environment.

The audit itself is based on international CSR standards, namely the Global Reporting Initiative, ISO 26000 and the United Nations Global Compact.

21 sets of criteria have been defined to score four key subject areas, those being environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

EcoVadis weighs up output, location and company size before deciding the relevant standards by which a business will be judged.

It is then down to the company in question to showcase how they meet said standards and to what extent.

EcoVadis ratings now range from bronze to platinum and are valid for a year.

In achieving silver status, Clamason remain within the top 25% of businesses globally, with a performance level officially considered ‘Good’.

On receipt of our EcoVadis medal – which will be displayed proudly across our website for the next 12 months – Sales Director Ian Davies said:

“We are delighted to have been awarded a silver status for 2022, which is testament to our continued progress when it comes to sustainability processes. A growing number of customers within the manufacturing sector now demand this kind of accreditation from their suppliers. The fact Clamason can point to it proves our suitability for all modern pressing projects.”

The awarding of a new EcoVadis rating coincides with a renewed focus on eco-tech.

Clamason Industries are at the forefront of a shift towards environmentally friendly solutions and have enjoyed great success in the burgeoning e-mobility and electrification markets in particular.

We have evolved our output to usher in a new era of metal stamping and pressing, combining innovation and sustainability in the process.

Read more about eco-tech here.

In the busy world of product design, it’s not often that you have the time and space to consider your supplier options. But you should.

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