Electrification & Hybrid Vehicle Components

With the major shift in automotive technology, Clamason are well positioned to create value for customers at the product design phase taking advantage of latest tooling techniques, materials and post stamping processes that lend themselves to electrification and hybrid products.

Clamason have invested heavily and have a clear strategy on supporting customers in the electrification and hybrid sector, below are examples of recent product developments at Clamason plants in both the UK and Slovakia:

Aluminium Covers for Inverters:

Clamason produces a range of Aluminium covers that go into the inverters for either hybrid or full electric vehicles.

Components are between 0.5mm and 2mm thick produced on progression tools in presses up to 300 tonnes.

Key characteristics are identified at the development phase and component flatness is often critical, in addition features such as coining can be added to minimise cutting burr on certain areas of the component.

In addition to the component tolerances part cleanliness is critical, Clamason have recently invested in a state-of-the-art cleaning facility with market leading technology and achieving particle sizes of less than 100 microns.

Click here to see more details of technical cleaning.


Another critical area in manufacturing components for inverters is component packaging ensuring products are kept clean and are not damaged on route the customer facility. As part of the product design process Clamason will advise on the best solution.

Busbars and Shields for inverters
and other applications:


Generally made from copper with a tin coating Clamason has significant experience in producing busbars where tooling design is critical in remaining competitive but also keeping in mind the critical tolerances required when producing components for inverters.

Packaging is also a key factor in protecting components prior to automatic assembly on customer production lines and in almost all cases a bespoke packaging solution is required.


In most cases shields are made from tin coated steel or stainless steel depending on the application and are produced in high volumes.

Tolerances are critical so tooling design is key to producing parts consistently over long production runs. Components are often packed into tape and reel packaging which Clamason can offer, see our page dedicated to tape and reel packaging CLICK HERE.
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