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Professional Metal Cleaning Services

Clamason specialise in technical cleaning, not only of our own pressed parts but those machined or cast by others within the manufacturing sector.

Demand for stamped components is growing and those with neither the bandwidth nor machinery to oversee exceptional cast part cleaning risk missing deadlines or suffering a drop in standards.

Outsourcing the contract cleaning of industrial parts can help OEMs avoid those pitfalls and Clamason have emerged as the go to partner for many taking this approach. We have a proven track record of cleaning EV and Hybrid components to an exceptional standard, as well as medical instruments where there is simply no margin for error or contamination.

Across our UK and European sites we boast state of the art cleaning machinery offering everything from basic degreasing to solvent cleaning with ultrasonic technology.

With over 30 years’ experience in metal component/part cleaning, Clamason can be relied upon to deliver cast part cleaning of aluminium and stainless steel instruments to a high standard on time, every time.

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Why Clamason?

Compliant with all industry regulations.

Class 8 international clean room standards.

5 state of the art cleaning machines per plant.

Solvent cleaning with ultrasonic technology.

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