The ATC-100® Technical Cleaning Process

To meet the challenges of Hybrid and Electric vehicle component manufacturing the Clamason team have developed the trademarked ATC100 technical cleaning process for best-in-class component cleaning to compliment our traditional stamping technology.

The main challenges faced with EV pressed parts are the ability to bond silicon to the surface and the presence of metallic particles which have the potential to cause a short circuit inside the finished unit.

In partnership with machine manufacturer PERO, the Clamason team have developed the ATC-100 trademarked process to give our customers enhanced component cleanliness with eight main benefits.

See the below video for full process details.


The ATC100® process…

  • A surface tension on > 60 mN/m (Dyne)
  • A maximum metallic particle size of <100um.
  • Fully enclosed and automatic entry and exit system
  • Ultrasonics to remove residue and particles
  • ISO class 8 cleanroom for maximum environment control
  • Medical GMP standards for clothing and protective equipment.
  • VDA19 standard testing laboratory
  • Customised vacuum packaging

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