Passive Safety

Each year, Clamason supplies millions of parts for automotive passive safety features, supplying tier 1 customers all over Europe.

Clamason uses progression tooling to produce various different components related to passive safety (i.e. features that help reduce the effects of an accident), including side, head, passenger, knee and pedestrian protection airbags. Clamason’s years of industry experience and high-quality standards help with the extremely high requirements in terms of part tolerances due to pressed parts for airbags being safety critical components. For more information about passive safety systems click here.

Passive Safety
  • Millions of parts supplied per-year
  • Supplying industry leaders throughout Europe
  • Produced using state of the art progression tooling machinery
  • Components vital for key safety features including airbags
  • A wealth of industry experience
  • Meet extremely high part tolerance requirements
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