Precision Metal Stamping for the Automotive Passive Safety System Market

An automotive passive safety system is a set of devices and features in a vehicle that help to protect the occupants in the event of a crash, such as seatbelts and air bags. They’re called “passive” because they don’t require any action by the driver or passengers to activate them, unlike “active” safety systems such as anti-lock brakes or lane departure warning systems.

Each year, Clamason manufactures millions of parts for automotive passive safety features, supplying tier 1 customers all over Europe.

Passive Safety

Clamason uses progression tooling to produce various different components related to passive safety including side, head, passenger, knee and pedestrian protection airbags.

Metal pressings are frequently used to create the housing or the structure of an airbag module. Made from stamped steel or aluminium, these pressings are strong and lightweight enough to withstand the high-impact forces of a crash, making them the ideal component to provide support to the inflator and the airbag – as well as creating guide channels that direct the airbag’s deployment.

For safety-critical components, it’s essential to have stringent requirements for part tolerances.

Thanks to years of industry experience and high quality standards, you can trust Clamason to produce the calibre of pressings required to support leading-edge automotive technology – including lighting, infotainment, clusters and more.


  • Millions of parts supplied per-year
  • Supplying industry leaders throughout Europe
  • Produced using state of the art progression tooling machinery
  • Components vital for key safety features including airbags
  • A wealth of industry experience
  • Meet extremely high part tolerance requirements
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