With lamp technology ranging from Halogen, Xenon and LED, plus the development of adaptive lighting systems giving drivers a safer driving experience at night, car lighting is a fast-paced and challenging environment. Clamason produces a wide range of different components for a number of global tier 1 customers who design and manufacture front and rear lamps.

The range of components produced include heatshields, retaining clips, EMC shields and heat sinks using various material types ranging from zinc-coated steels, pre-black-painted zinc coated steels, stainless steel and aluminium.

With its reputation for helping clients gain competitive advantage by re-evaluating solutions, we’ve improved the design of some of our customers traditional diecast heat sinks into components that can be pressed.

This helps stabilise the heat that is produced internally in state-of-the-art car lighting, as well as giving the customer significant cost-savings and extending the life of the tooling.

To talk to us about re designing castings or extrusions to pressed parts click here

  • Producing a wide range of components for industry leaders
  • It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets
  • Producing heatshields, retaining clips, EMC shields and heat sinks
  • Improving and evolving customer’s existing products
  • Saving costs and extending product’s life span
  • Manufactured in a wide range of quality materials
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