Why Choose Clamason?

Founded over 70 years ago, precision metal stamping manufacturers Clamason Industries began a successful journey in cutting edge design, development and production of quality metal pressings. Precision metal stamping manufacturers have evolved significantly over the years and Clamason (a family-owned business in the West Midlands) have grown from producing small, precision metal stampings and have invested in large, state of the art presses, advanced welding equipment and unrivalled automation facilities … We now have highly successful relationships with a multitude of leading global companies from a wide range of sectors.

At the end of 2016, Clamason’s founding family handed the running of the business over to its experienced and highly skilled management team. Backed by private equity firm Connection Capital, funds have been provided for continuous investment – securing new exciting opportunities around the globe.

Precision Metal Stamping Manufacturing Equipment Includes …

Up to 100T Presses
Up to 400T Presses
Transfer Presses
Multi-Slide Presses

Clamason is fully committed to ongoing improvements of product quality and service provided to our global clients, we comply with the various requirements of our clients including all required legislation. We continuously strive to minimise the impact of our business activities on the environment. We offer a wide range of services including design (CAD services), project management, tooling, precision pressings, high speed pressings, transfer pressings, multi-slide pressings, technical cleaning, logistics and a wide range of complementary services.

Precision Metal Stamping Manufacturers and the Medical Sector

We have been producing metal stampings, tooling and various components for the Medical sector for twenty years have been awarded the BS13485 accreditation with the main target of production at our facility focused on components manufactured for medical devices such as inhalers, Insulin drivers and dry powder.

More News about Clamason Industries

Our New Look!

Disrupting the precision metal pressings and stamping marketplace has helped a Black Country manufacturer increase sales by 60% over the last three years. Clamason Industries, which provides a single-source design, development and value-added engineering solution, saw orders hit £30m in 2018 for the first time in its 70-year history and is now setting its sights on a three-year expansion plan. Growth is expected to come from its global client base across automotive, medical, assisted living and industrial products, with the latter covering anything from telecoms and power distribution products to electric bikes.

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The Stamp of Approval for Precision Metal Stamping Manufacturers

Embodying seven decades of proven industry experience, Clamason Industries Ltd. represents Europe’s leading manufacturer of precision pressings and custom metal stampings. With a turnover well in excess of £20 million, and recorded annual growth of 18 per cent between 2015 and 2016, Clamason Industries Ltd. (Clamason) has developed an enviable reputation within the global manufacturing and export markets. The rich history of the company as a leading manufacturer of components in precision pressings and custom metal stampings dates back to the formation of the firm in Kingswinford, West Midlands in 1947.

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Taking Shape

Most advanced-high-strength steels consist of specific microstructures and chemical compositions. They also include a variety of attributes which can aid in boosting ductility, toughness, strength, and fatigue properties. Although these attributes are promising news for designers, they pose a challenge for manufacturing engineers as they need to form these materials … examples being – seat components or crash boxes; roll-forming bumpers, cold-stamping door beams, rocker panels or seat tracks; or hot-forming complex impact-resistant components.

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Electrification & Hybrid

With the recent changes in automotive technology, Clamason Industries are ahead of the game, creating exceptional value for our clients at the product design phase.We utilise our state of the art tooling techniques, materials and post metal stamping processes that are specifically targeted towards to hybrid and electric products. Clamason Industries have heavily invested in a clear strategy to support clients in the hybrid and electric sectors, with many examples of recent product developments at our plants in the United Kingdom and Slovakia.

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Metal Stamping for E-Mobility

In the ever expanding E-Mobility sector, Clamason Industries use our quality metal stamping process to manufacture the key structural component which holds the pedal assembly and motor to the E-bike’s frame. We use aluminium to minimise the weight of the bike, combined with an innovative component design that enhances strength. The E-Mobility components are produced in volumes of over 1 million P/A on our progression tooling presses, combined with a detailed deburring process to ensure the parts are burr free.

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Energy, Power & Distribution

Precision Metal Stamping Manufacturers, Clamason Industries has produced parts for the Energy, Power and Distribution sector for decades, providing to a multitude of notorious global companies. In the Energy, Power and Distribution sector, the longevity of products surpasses 20 years. Components are regularly manufactured in quality high-spec materials, with exotic finishes (including gold and silver). Over the 40-plus years that Clamason Industries has worked along-side this market, we have manufactured a vast range of components, from steel press parts through to multi-part sub-assemblies for schools and hospitals.

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