Electronic components are often produced in runs that span into thousands – if not millions – of units. It’s no wonder, therefore, that many OEMs will be looking for ways to reduce cost per part and maximise ROI.

You may think the only way to cut costs is to manufacture abroad or use cheaper materials – but this isn’t always the case. If you work with the right partner, you can manufacture locally and maintain quality, all whilst getting maximum value for money.

Let us explain how…

Work with your precision pressing and stamping partner, right from the design phase.

Many OEMs have the capability to design parts in-house, with ample experience in doing so. However, there are advantages to working with the manufacturer of your stamped parts to ensure that the design is perfectly aligned to the manufacturing process, right from the very start.

Manufacturers can use the depth of their knowledge to make sure every efficiency is maximised, and this is far easier when a design is yet to be approved. They can make recommendations based on available materials, as well as secondary processes, to ensure there’s no bloat in production requirements – for example, there may be a material you can use that won’t require scrupulous surface finishing, or a material that is well-suited to a specific mode of production the supplier can offer.

These are all cost-saving options that you could miss out on if your electronic component design isn’t up for negotiation.

Reduce production waste.

Any manufacturing partner with a commitment to improving their environmental impact should be focussed on cutting process waste – so bear this in mind when considering who to work with. Reducing waste isn’t just a green practice – it will save you money, too.

Taking a proactive approach to scrap – such as adapting the stamping process to maximise the output of each metal sheet – can make a big difference to your material costs, as well as helping to protect the planet.

Choose a manufacturing partner with capacity to scale.

The key to cost-effective components will often lie in the volume produced, so maximising the amount manufactured in a single run is crucial.

In recent years, the development of high-speed stamping has become a key focus for the Clamason engineering team. With components being produced at more than 1,000 parts per minute on a range of high speed Bruderer and Kaiser presses, we can scale production to meet your precise demands.

Turning out high-quality parts at impressive speed means your cost per unit will benefit; and we’ll be fast to react if your needs are variable, too.

Ensure your tooling needs are met.

At Clamason, all our tooling is designed by a specialist team, using CAD tooling software in Clamason’s UK Design Centre.

Our design team make pivotal decisions to ensure only the best tooling material is used for each project, considering critical elements such as the production life of each tool. Paired with in-house tool shops at both our UK and Slovakian premises, we will take care of any maintenance needs without delay – cutting the cost of having repairs outsourced, as well as delivering value with tooling that is designed to last from the first instance.

Leverage the power of technology.

Working with an innovate manufacturer means taking advantage of all that the latest technology has to offer – including reduced manpower as a result of automation.

Not only will pioneering technology reduce the number of hands on deck, but precision and quality of output will improve tenfold – as well as maximising the range of materials you can potentially work with, unleashing previously inaccessible cost-saving benefits.

The Clamason team are proven experts in optimising strip layout and material yield, to ensure you gain a competitive advantage – thanks largely to our market-leading equipment.

Source a full-service supplier, from design to delivery.

Juggling suppliers and moving your electronic components between one service to another is bound to strangle your efficiency.

Clamason can manage your entire production cycle under one roof, as well as providing a dedicated project manager to oversee the whole process. Not only will this give you a single point of contact for the entire production cycle, but they’ll be in a unique position to sniff out savings along the way – putting you on the path to excellent ROI, right from the start.

Clamason have more than seven decades of experience in stamping metal pressings for electrical components.

Having made numerous parts that underpin household name electronics, our engineers collaborate with clients from the outset of a project, using advanced stamping simulation technology to inform the design phase. We also guarantee precision tooling in a quick and efficient manner, with next-to-no waste.

Once stamped, components can be cleaned and packed in safe environments, completing a full-service solution with exceptional value for money.

If you need stamped metal electrical components, we can add value to your next project. Just contact our experts today to see how we can help.