The health of our world is everyone’s responsibility – and at Clamason, we’re holding ourselves accountable for the changes we can make to protect the planet.

We’re committed to a 25% reduction in our CO2 output. A move to renewable energy will help us far exceed that figure

Did you know that the UK’s manufacturing industry produced 78.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2020?

Compared to 1990 levels, that’s a reduction of more than 40% – but there’s still some way to go until the industry can consider itself carbon neutral.

By 2050, the UK is legally required to have reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 100% from 1990 levels. This ‘net zero’ target isn’t just crucial to sustain Earth – it also has the potential to maximise economic growth, as well as increasing energy security and affordability for consumers and businesses.

At Clamason, we’re taking this responsibility to heart. By 2040, we’re going to have cut our emissions by a quarter, and build a more sustainable and efficient business model in the process.

We plan to do this by…

  • Slashing our use of utilities, such as electricity, gas and water.
  • Updating our processes so they produce less waste.
  • Continuously investing in energy-saving equipment.

The first steps to shrink our carbon footprint look like this…

When it comes to reaching our ultra-efficient goal, we’ve wasted no time in getting started!

We have already…

  1. Replaced our company cars with electric vehicles.

Out with the old, in with the new! Our previous, gas-guzzling fleet of passenger cars is now fully electric and squeaky-clean. Better yet, our diesel vans are currently being phased out. In their place will be greener alternatives for transport.

  1. Upgraded our boilers and heaters to next-generation, A+ efficiency eco heaters.

Energy-efficient utilities are certainly making us feel all warm inside. We’ve even added destratification fans and linked our heating control into a centralised system, where all thermostats can be monitored from one place – improving heating management throughout our premises.

This centralised system is far smarter than standard heating equipment. By leveraging machine learning, it activates when our teams arrive for work, and turns off when they leave – making sure we only ever use the energy that we need.

  1. Cut our use of compressed air by 26% – In only 8 weeks!

Most of our machinery is pneumatic. So, in order to control our energy consumption, our use of air is a major focal point.

To help, we’ve started to generate our own compressed air – that we can switch on and off, whenever we need to. By proactively controlling our air supply (rather than letting it run continuously), we’ve cut out a huge amount of waste. This includes using valves on machinery which will automatically turn off, without needing manual intervention.

We’re just getting started on a sustainability journey, and we plan to keep you updated for the entire venture.

To get the latest updates, just keep an eye on our sustainability page. We’re looking forward to telling you what’s next!