Technical cleaning is a vital part of the modern day manufacturing process and Clamason Industries are set to revolutionise the practice.

We’re proud to unveil the patented ATC-100 ®, an advanced form of technical cleaning designed to offer OEMs maximum part cleanliness when bringing products to market.

Developed in collaboration with PERO, the ATC-100 is a fully enclosed entry and exit system, separating it from all other alternatives.

The machine boasts several programmes proven to remove residuals and particles from hard to reach areas of a component.

Among their number are particle extraction, surface free evaluation, dyne inks and RFU meters. Combined, these ensure precise specifications are met and the common challenges associated with EV pressed parts overcome.

So, how does the ATC-100 machine work?

Firstly, parts are loaded into bespoke racks which themselves fit into standard baskets. This setup affords more in the way of flexibility, distinguishing our machine from traditional models.

Once said baskets exit the chamber they head directly into a purpose built, class 8 cleanroom, one configured to offer complete environmental control.

This area features a testing laboratory developed to VDA19 standards.

Crucially, those working within its confines comply with Medical GMP standards, meaning they’re equipped with appropriate clothing and protective equipment alike.

One tests are complete components are packed into customer specific packaging. In order to guard against contamination at this stage, this procedure is performed using a vacuum packing process.

On completion, packed components exit the cleaning cell by way of interlock.

Thereafter they are shipped to customers across the globe, grateful to receive parts free of metallic particles so often the root cause of short circuits in finished units.

Tests available within the lab are as follows:

Particle Extraction – Performed on a measuring microscope, honing in on count and size of particles (as per customer specifications).

Surface Free Evaluation – Calculates contact, angle and surface tension of part in question.

Dyne Inks – Assesses dyne levels.

RFU Meters – Monitors residual, organic contamination.

On launching the process, Clamason Sales Director Ian Davies said:

“We are really excited to offer customers a step change in component cleanliness using our ATC100® technical cleaning process. With new electric vehicles having an increasing number of electronic components (which need to be extremely clean) we see this investment as a key area of growth for Clamason in the years to come.”

The Future

The ATC-100 represents the future of technical cleaning, an area in which Clamason have long excelled. It is the perfect accompaniment to our stamping technology and further evidence of our continued pursuit of excellence.

To find out more about the machinery or to discuss your own technical cleaning project please get in touch.