Reception Systems

With the advancements in smart vehicle architecture and autonomous driving, Clamason’s work for the automotive sector is at the cutting edge of automotive development. By 2020, vehicles will exchange 100,000 pieces of data each second, and reception and antenna systems will be key to the success of these modern developments. These systems are used to provide many features in cars, including mobile communication (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), GPS, Galileo, keyless entry, independent vehicle heaters, TV, digital, analogue radio and many more.

Clamason produces millions of reception system chassis and housings every year, which are generally produced from pre-tin coated material on progression tooling machines.

The majority will need some level of sub-assembly, with a connector and/or moulding assembled onto the main chassis.

Case parts are 100% verified to ensure component quality, and assembly is done either manually or automatically.

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Reception Systems
  • Key to the success of future developments
  • Used for mobile communication, GPS, Galileo and keyless entry
  • Used for vehicle heaters, TV, digital and analogue radio
  • Millions of reception system chassis/housings produced per-year
  • Produced on state of the art progression tooling machines
  • Parts are 100% verified to ensure component quality
  • Both manual and automatic assembly available
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