Pressed Metal Components for Automotive Reception Systems

A vehicle reception system refers to the set of sensors and components that enable a vehicle to receive and interpret information from its surroundings.

These systems are crucial for the next generation of electric vehicles, as they provide the necessary data for perception, situational awareness, and decision-making. The reception system could include technology such as cameras, lidar (light detection and ranging), radar or ultrasonic sensors. These sensors work together to collect data about the vehicle’s environment – including the road conditions, nearby objects, pedestrians, traffic signs, and other vehicles.

Reception Systems
Pressed metal components are often used in the manufacture of automotive reception systems. Their cost-effectiveness, ease of integration, electrical shielding and heat dissipation properties mean they are particularly well-suited.

Clamason’s work for the automotive sector is at the cutting edge of vehicle development.

Clamason produces millions of reception system chassis and housings every year. These are frequently made from pre-tin coated material on progression tooling machines.

The majority will need some level of sub-assembly, with a connector or moulding assembled onto the main chassis. Clamason has the capability to support both manual or automatic assembly, with the added assurance of 100% verification of all parts, to ensure component quality.

  • Millions of reception system chassis/housings produced per year
  • Manufactured on state-of-the-art progression tooling machines
  • Parts are 100% verified to ensure component quality
  • Both manual and automatic assembly available
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