Clamason Industries has recently purchased and installed a GTX160T power press to be located its Nitra, Slovakia facility. Even with the challenges the world has faced the press was manufactured, shipped, installed and commissioned in Q1 2021 and is now in full production.

This investment was made to support a large new project with a strategic automotive electronics customer based in Eastern Europe. The new press was not only required to meet the high component volumes but also meet the extremely challenging component tolerances, where the H frame design is beneficial.

Since 1947 we’ve been at the forefront of stamped parts big, small and of varying tolerances, servicing the automotive, medical and industrial sectors with distinction.

This investment shows the commitment of the Clamason team to their customers and where the project makes sense Clamason are willing to make the required investment.

The GTX-160

The Chin Fong Straight Side Double Crank Power Press, better known as Model GTX-160, is set to transform output from our Ratislavova base.

The model was purchased from the UK’s leading supplier of mechanical and hydraulic equipment, Worcester Presses.

Clamason’s relationship with them dates back some 30 years when, fittingly, they introduced the company to our very first Chin Fong press…

Much like the technology itself, our partnership has evolved over the years.

Indeed, Worcester continue to provide technical support and service packages to Clamason as we jointly work to identify solutions for an ever-changing market.

And our new press certainly fits that description.

A wide bed straight slide power press with a 160-ton capacity, it affords flexibility and rigidity in equal measure.

Capable of delivering between 30 and 55 strokes per minute, it comes complete with coil handling lines which complement said volume.

Moreover, this is a press designed to increase future proofing for a growing customer base.

That it was developed by Chin Fong is a sign of quality in itself.

The Taiwanese machinists are the largest maker of mechanical power presses in their homeland and one of the biggest worldwide. They pride themselves on pair high specifications with technological breakthroughs.

Design Features

On the surface the GTX-160 is a stabilised, cast iron frame construction.

Key design features include a gear driven upper roll that encompasses anti-backlash capabilities to facilitate non-slip, positive feeding.

Along with individually adjustable roller stock guides, you’ll also find permanently sealed precision roll bearings that require nothing in the way of lubrication.

Furthermore, it boasts a 180mm fixed stroke and a max upper die weight of 1,200kg.


The benefits this press will bring to our wider operation are varied and numerous.

To begin with, it guarantees optimum flexibility in the manufacture of metal parts, whether those are made from stainless steel, brass, copper, phosphor bronze or nickel silver.

The overall stamping quality is also greatly enhanced, helping us meet specifications expert and exact.

The GTX-160 has tremendous operability, helped in no small part by a multi-functional press control.

Just as importantly, it’s proven to extend tool life – passing on valuable cost-savings to OEMs in the process.

Multi-station automation, and with it intelligent production, promise to improve production efficiency across the business as a whole.

The intelligent double crank power press can be installed with sensors, allowing engineers to gauge the operational status of machines and improve processes on the back of data sent in real time.

The GTX-160 may well comply with ‘supply of machinery’ regulations but in many ways redefines the very meaning of material pressing.

Weeks in, it’s already enabled us to produce larger, more complex parts that could not ordinarily be finished on a progression tool without the need for a single operation.

The GTX-160 is just the latest example of Clamason’s commitment to acquiring the very best technology, in order to deliver the very best components.Did you know Clamason purchased a state of the art video measuring microscope in 2021? Read More.

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