Clamason has once again demonstrated its commitment to delivering precision, quality and reliability with the purchase of new, cutting-edge machinery.

A premium CNC Video Measuring Microscope was installed in our Slovakian production facility back in October.

No ordinary optical scanning device, this model is designed for the precision dimensional measurement of small parts. Its acquisition promises to accelerate the evaluation of manufactured products throughout our business.


Designed by Garant, the MM1 300CNC was one of five variants demoed by suppliers Hoffmann last autumn.

Clamason had been researching and preparing to purchase a vision system to avoid tactile measurement given the nature of recent technically challenging project awards from existing high-profile clients.

The vast capability of the MM1 300CNC – and the difference it could make to our operation – made it the obvious choice. The device comes complete with Q image processing, allowing for a faster and more robust inspection of small parts. Indeed, its evaluation speed is several times quicker than any optical or touch device previously deployed by Clamason.

MM1 300CNC Measurinf Microscope

The CNC has a measuring range up to 300mm and magnifies its screen size by 23 times. Moreover, it contains no less than 56 white LED lights within two concentric rings. These enable backlighting of parts from both the top and bottom.

In addition, the microscope encompasses a high-resolution colour camera and a multi-touch panel to boot. An all-in-one PC, wireless mouse and keyboard completes an impressive setup.

Suitable for any standard workshop environment, it is easy to operate, boasting an intuitive user face.

Most importantly, the version secured by Clamason allows for the creation of individual measurement programs and automation.


Our new machinery has already transformed the way we measure geometric quantities such as angles, distances, lines, radii’s and the diameters of circles and eclipses alike.

An expectant team had designed and manufactured their own auxiliary preparation to prime products for measurement even before Hoffmann staff visited the premises to oversee training. Since then, we haven’t looked back.

Over the course of the next few months a series of programs will be developed for upcoming products, while the device will also assist in the calibration of small control devices in-house.

The installation of the MM1 300CNC underlines our commitment to robust control and customer protection, as we seek to remain at the forefront of bespoke metal pressings and components.

Stay tuned for information on additional purchases in the coming weeks.

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