Clamason Industries, a leader in the UK stamping and plating sector, has recently celebrated a remarkable milestone: 1000 days without lost time due to injury.

Clamason is rightly proud of this and it’s worthwhile looking at some of the approaches that have made this possible.

The Importance of Health and Safety in the Manufacturing Industry

clamason clamason celebrated a remarkable milestone 1000 days without lost time

In the high-risk environment of manufacturing, especially in areas like stamping and plating, health and safety are so important.

The sector is fraught with potential hazards, from heavy machinery and sharp tools to chemical exposures and ergonomic challenges.

Recognising and addressing these risks is not just the law but a moral obligation. Industry standards are rigorous for a reason – they save lives and prevent injuries.

Clamason’s achievement in this context is not just a number; it’s a testament to the company’s commitment to protecting its most valuable asset: its employees.

Clamason’s Health and Safety Philosophy

Clamason’s Health and Safety Philosophy

At the centre of Clamason’s success is a robust health and safety philosophy that permeates every level of the organisation. Safety is not seen as a tick-box but as a fundamental part of the company’s ethos.

This philosophy emphasises the principle of ‘prevention is better than cure.’ We invest heavily in identifying potential hazards and implementing proactive measures to counter them.

The company believes in empowering its employees and encouraging a culture where safety concerns can be easily raised. Regular training, open communication, and a culture of continuous improvement are what allow this process to flourish.

Strategies and Practices Implemented

The Impact of These Measures at clamason

The practical application of Clamason’s safety philosophy is clear. Comprehensive training programs are a cornerstone of these efforts, ensuring every employee, from the shop floor to the executive suite, is armed with the knowledge and skills to work safely.

These programs never stop moving; they evolve in response to new challenges and technologies. Beyond training, Clamason has invested in state-of-the-art safety equipment and has rigorous maintenance schedules for all machinery. Regular safety audits, risk assessments, and emergency drills are all part of the safety routine. Innovation is encouraged, with the company pioneering new methods and technologies to enhance workplace safety. These measures have not only reduced the number of accidents but have also cultivated a workplace environment where safety is second nature.

The Impact of These Measures

The Impact of These Measures

The ripple effect of these comprehensive safety measures is far-reaching. By reducing workplace accidents, Clamason has not only ensured the well-being of its employees but has also enhanced overall operational efficiency.

There is a real sense of security among the staff, leading to higher morale and productivity. The cost savings from reduced injury-related downtime and compensation claims are substantial, further validating the company’s investment in safety.

This focus on safety has also bolstered Clamason’s reputation, attracting clients who value responsible and ethical business practices.


Clamason Industries’ milestone of 1000 days without lost time due to injury is more than statistics; it’s a clear demonstration of what can be accomplished when a company commits to health and safety.

This benchmark is not seen as the finish line but as a stepping stone to even higher safety standards. Clamason continues to innovate and invest in safety, leading by example and inspiring others in the industry to elevate their safety practices.

We also look forward to the future and a time when such records are the norm rather than the exception in the manufacturing industry.

Clamason Industries remains dedicated to maintaining and exceeding these high safety standards, ensuring that every employee returns home safely at the end of each day. This commitment is not just to our staff but to their families, our customers, and the community we serve.

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