Demand has never been greater for complex medical devices that aid treatment and harm reduction

The ‘Complete Guide To Medical Device Stamped Components Projects’ explores a process bound by strict protocols and delves deeper into key milestones such as prototyping, technical cleaning and validation.

Firmly established as experts in our field, we’ve decided to share of expertise, detailing our full-service solution, from an initial concept through to international release and industrialisation.

Learn about the experience and equipment that enables us to produce 1,000 parts per minute and more than 300 million components a year.

Download this invaluable resource for FREE by clicking the Download Now button.

The Complete Guide To Medical Device Component Projects E-Book

Discover insights such as…

How many steps are included in medical validation

Why do internal clean room standards matter

The difference between automated and manual packing


Download this invaluable resource for FREE by clicking the Download Now button.

Why choose Clamason?

Despite the growing clamour however, no shortcuts can be taken in the manufacture of these vital components, given their impact can be life changing in a literal sense.

OEMs hoping to bring medical products to market in the fastest (and safest) timeframe, are nearly always dependant on device tooling experts. Clamason Industries fit that description and have emerged as market leaders in the creation of high volume, high precision parts.

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