Innovative Manufacturing for Safer Communities

At Clamason Industries, we’re dedicated to reducing health risks in communities with our harm reduction products. Over the past five years, we’ve seen a substantial increase in demand for solutions that safely dispose of used drug equipment, and we’ve risen to meet this challenge with innovation and efficiency.



Our Technology: Pioneering in Precision and Safety

Our manufacturing process utilises 0.2mm pre-tin plated steel, shaped with precision through multi-cavity progression tooling. This advanced technology ensures each product we produce is not only of the highest quality but also contributes to a safer environment by facilitating the safe disposal of hazardous materials.

Clamason’s Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

We believe in creating products that not only meet the current market demand but do so responsibly. Our team of skilled experts ensures that every product is crafted to the highest standards, reflecting our commitment to quality, safety, and environmental sustainability.

At Clamason, we’re more than just manufacturers; we’re partners in creating a safer, healthier world. Contact us to learn how our harm reduction solutions can benefit your project.

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