Clamason has been producing components for the domestic market for many years, from components for power meters to the window hardware market. Whichever market we service, our aim is to help our clients reduce production costs by re-evaluating tooling and component design.

With its experience producing parts for gas and electricity meters, Clamason is ideally situated to move with the times and gain more business from the recent developments in Smart Metering technology.

Typically, the parts produced are fairly small, produced using progression tooling on 50T pressing machines in a range of materials including pre-zinc coated steel, tin coated steel, brass and copper.

Several components are produced in multi–cavity progression tooling, with the added benefit of in-tool thread tapping which significantly reduces component cost. With the window hardware market, Clamason has produced pressed parts for this industry for more than 20 years. Usually stainless steel, components are produced in volumes of between 50,000 and 1 million pieces per annum.

  • Years of experience and continued success
  • Components for power meters through to window hardware
  • Ideally situated to move with the ever-changing market
  • Progression tooling on 50T pressing machines
  • Materials include pre-zinc and tin coated steel, brass and copper
  • In-tool thread tapping significantly reduces component cost
  • 20 years of success with the window hardware market
  • Parts produced in volumes between 50,000 and 1 million pieces P/A
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