Transfer Presses

Clamason is able to offer a six station Transfer Press Line with fully automated Robot pick and place to move the part from one station to the next. This enables us to produce larger complex parts that cannot be finished on a progression tool without the need for a single operation. The first station is coil fed and usually starts with some cutting and releasing into a blank. This enables the Robot to collect the blank and move it onto the next stage where more cutting or forming will begin. This process will carry on down the line until the finished component is placed on to a conveyor at the end ready to clean and pack. The Robot’s replace the need for human intervention within this process, enabling us to remain competitive and offer our Customers larger complex components. Clamason’s line consists of two Chin Fong 110 T and four Chin Fong 80 T presses.

  • Six station Transfer Press Line
  • Fully automated Robot pick & place for moving stations
  • Can produce large complex parts
  • Consists of two Chin Fong 110 T and four Chin Fong 80 T presses
  • Technology allows for efficient runs and cost saving
  • A wide range of high profile global customers

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