Press or Die

One of our customers recently approached us with a casting and asked if we could manufacture a stamped equivalent.

Our technical team love a challenge and delivered a fantastic alternative. Several benefits to changing are: Weight Saving, Tool Life Increase, Positive Environmental Impact & of course Cost Savings.

From a CAD file, we can redesign a part to a pressed equivalent to achieve the same output as the casting although visually it may look completely different.

So why change? ….

While casting has the ability to produce quality parts in certain situations, for many cases, stamping offers adjustable production processes, faster production, and a variety of other advantages.
press or die

Cost Effective Metal Pressings

Lower cost per volume, faster production, less scrap material.

Production rates up to 1000 parts per minute on small presses & 60 parts per minute on larger machines.

Press manufacturing can be up to 75% more energy efficient against that of the cast manufacturing process.

With stamping you have the ability to produce a finish part with no 2nd operation or machining required to achieve the required tolerances.

Tooling Life
Press tools will last 5,000,000 shots in comparison to cast which will last 100,000 before replacement or maintenance is required.

Although we are tied to an NDA, we took a £32 casting and successfully redesigned to a £7.50 pressed part.


Press manufacturing efficiency
Manufacturing of metal pressings can be up to 75% more efficient than that of casting production.

Faster Part Production
Press parts can be manufactured in a 10 part to 1 ratio against that of the cast equivalent.

One operation finishing
Not always a need for a second operation.

Cost-effectiveness from tooling costs to piece price.

Matched effectiveness.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing.

press or die
In the past, stamping was considered inferior to casting when it came to forming difficult parts. Today, stamping technology has overcome this limitation in many ways. With intelligent data processing, in-die tooling capabilities, and complex press and tooling, metal stamping operations are well-equipped to produce some of the most intricate, finely-made metal pressings in the industry.

The pressing process is so much more flexible when it comes to design, the finer details, complex shapes and the overall process:

Pressings and alterations are much easier to make and at far lower cost.
Tooling maintenance is minimal compared to that of a casting.
Lighter components mean cheaper transportation costs.
Parts can be designed to provide same strengths as a casting.
Finishes and hardness can be achieved through second op processes.
press or die

Let us review your current cast parts and formulate an alternative solution that could potentially be of massive benefit to your company. Clamason Industries – manufacturers of quality metal pressings!

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