What Is High-Speed Metal Stamping?

As the name suggests, high-speed metal stamping uses advanced technology to create a far quicker stamping process than ordinary means. This could be hundreds or even thousands of strokes per minute, producing a huge number of parts in a short space of time.

High-speed stamping machines, such as Bruderer presses, guarantee a high production rate with a competitive cost per part – alleviating some of the concerns associated with the cost of creating bespoke tooling for pressed parts. The speed of production means that OEMs can achieve ROI quickly, while still delivering precise parts with high dimensional accuracy.

High-speed stamping makes the quick turnaround of multi-million-component projects a reality without compromising on quality. In-die sensors and camera vision systems can be employed to 100% inspect critical dimensions as the parts are fed from the presses, ensuring that defects are mitigated, despite the machine’s tremendous speed.

By using quality controls such as sensors and cameras, critical functions within the stamping machine can be continuously monitored. This reduces the risk of downtime, as well as reducing any wasted materials and improving overall productivity.

What Are The Risks Of High-Speed Metal Stamping?

When considering high-speed metal stamping to create parts, it’s vital to use a company with plenty of experience, a strong track record and to maximise the material usage the use of stamping simulation technology. Robust tooling is essential in order to maximise speed and accuracy, so you’ll need a true expert to help guide the design process.

If tooling is not to the required design and manufacturing standard, it could flex and move in the stamping machine – resulting in the line being run more slowly to compensate. Not only will you lose some of the high-speed production benefits, but parts are likely to show more variation plus excessive tooling wear could be present thus increasing maintenance costs

In order to support higher speeds effectively, you must work with a partner who invests heavily in tooling design and understands the importance of its fine-tuning. Although this may result in a higher upfront cost, the immense speed and accuracy of the production line will soon pay off.

Why Use High-Speed Metal Stamping For Medical Device Parts?

The requirements of medical device components are more complex than most, with little to no margin for error.

Medical devices require incredible precision in order to perform their crucial role in the treatment of injury and illness. Advancements in medical technology have pivoted on the development of metals and alloys to create intricate components with very specific requirements.

High-speed metal stamping firms help the industry to further adapt. They assist OEMs to bring new products to the market quickly, by applying their expertise to part design, tooling and production, without compromising on exacting specifications.

As bringing new medical devices to market is a notoriously time-consuming process, working with a highly knowledgeable partner to deliver stamped parts is essential to streamline the process.

Why Work With Clamason Industries For Your High-Speed Stamping Needs?

If medical parts are manufactured incorrectly the consequences can be catastrophic, it can cause complete medical device failure. This places the importance on tooling design, process control and working to the validated process.

From product recalls to a destroyed reputation, device manufacturers cannot afford the risk of sub-standard production quality. You must choose your partner wisely.

Clamason is ISO13485 and IATF16949 accredited, giving you the assurance that their knowledge and quality of processes will match the specialist needs of your medical devices.

Extensive experience with the unique properties of medical-grade metals such as stainless steel allow Clamason to make highly effective and low-risk decisions in regard to the design and manufacture of your product. All the while, they provide end-to-end support, with the capability to support initial design, technical cleaning, packaging and more.

Clamason are true experts in precision metal stamping for the medical industry, with over 70 years’ experience as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers.

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