Advanced manufacturing of key metal components for EV and Hybrid Vehicle

As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of automotive pressings, Clamason Industries strive to give our clients a competitive advantage through manufacturing excellence. We have invested heavily to support our customers within the electrification and hybrid sectors of the automotive industry, and our metal pressings serve a range of applications.

Inverter covers – the future is aluminium

Clamason produce a range of precision pressed aluminium covers for inverters. Given aluminium’s extreme versatility and strength, it can be manufactured between 0.5mm and 2mm thick and produced on presses up to 300 tonnes. But what are the other benefits of using aluminium pressings?

  • Aluminium is lightweight and stable, making it the perfect material for ergonomic and fuel economising vehicles.
  • Aluminium is recyclable & environmentally friendly.
  • Aluminium is highly impact resistant and robust, key to the safety and longevity of new EV and hybrid vehicles.


Busbars and Shields

Clamason are continually building on our already significant experience in producing busbars and shields for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Busbars can serve as a key part of charging process and so are essential to EVs and HEVs. Our busbars are typically made from copper with a tin coating, meaning they have excellent electrical conductivity and contribute to the overall efficiency of the electric output and consumption of the vehicle.

Electromagnetic frequencies can affect many sensitive electronics and can cause a range of different issues and problems in vehicles. Our Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) shields are designed to protect the sensitive electronic elements from the surrounding Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), which there is naturally a significant volume of in EV and hybrid vehicles – think about the vast number of electronics from GPS to wireless charging, that are built into a modern car!

There are various types of materials used to produce EMC Shielding; Clamason shields are made from either tin coated steel or stainless-steel dependent on the application and volume.

Overcoming the challenge of technical cleaning

In an industry which sets out such stringent regulations and standards for technical cleaning of pressed parts, our elite cleaning machines meet all international clean room standards (Class 8) and enable the safe and controlled cleaning of parts, allowing customers to specify less than 130um particles sizes.

Once the metal parts are cleaned, items can be packed in a controlled environment to achieve the required industry standards, using ESD packaging if required.

Clamason has over 70 years experience in producing bespoke precision metal components for our customers in the automotive sector. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.