Looking towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing industry

When it comes to manufacturing, we need to acknowledge that historically, the metal manufacturing industry hasn’t exactly led the way in terms of supporting an eco-friendly and future proof world.

However, we also understand more than ever that sustainable manufacturing categorically plays a crucial role in reducing many of the key destructive environmental impacts, such as pollution, loss of habitat and fossil resource depletion. Clamason is therefore proud to be fully invested – and have channelled most of our management and investment into since 2019 – in supporting our customers who are revolutionising eco-tech solutions across a range of industries including: e-mobility, energy, power & distribution, and electric & hybrid vehicles

How do we measure the eco-friendliness of a manufacturer?

Sustainable manufacturing (SM) or green manufacturing (GM) are defined as methods used which minimise waste and reduces environmental impact. With so many different types of manufacturing across the world, there are no single set of accreditations or standards that all manufacturing businesses can adhere to, but there are many ways in which they are changing for the better, which in turn is influencing change in other businesses too.

  • Using renewable or recoverable energy
  • Increasing energy efficiency in manufacturing – less time, more accuracy, less wastage
  • Reducing pollution output – focused on minimising the output of pollutants from different manufacturing processes
  • Investment in new manufacturing technology – designed for the future and with sustainability at its core.

Green manufacturing doesn’t only provide benefits to the environment, but it also offers other rewards to businesses too. Good Public Relations, employee motivation, recruitment appeal, and tax benefits are examples of why becoming eco-friendly should be on any manufacturer’s roadmap. Save money and remain profitable as well as going green – the best of both worlds!

How are Clamason doing more to support a greener manufacturing future?

Here are some of the ways in which we are innovating more eco-friendly processes and are shifting the focus of a successful manufacturing towards the ways in which it can be greener whilst still providing the best value for our customers.

Reducing waste through remanufacturing, recycling, and scrap recovery

A high number of our stamped components are made from aluminium, which has long been known as ‘the green metal’, for good reasons. With high performance and environmentally friendly features, many manufacturers like Clamason have turned to aluminium and are reaping the benefits of this amazingly versatile metal.

We naturally produce scrap waste from our process in the form of many different materials – this material is sold back to scrap metal dealers who will recycle and sell back to metal producers. In some cases, the material goes full circle meaning zero wastage and a fully sustainable product lifetime.

Initiating the move from casting to pressing/stamping to reduce carbon emissions

Clamason have had major success in re designing aluminium castings, extrusions and machined parts to pressed parts, meaning that we are spending less time on machining and are therefore using less energy. This also offers our customers huge costs savings to both piece prices and tooling lifetime costs.

Engaging with initiatives such as Schneider Electric Carbon Reduction Plan

As part of Schneider’s 2021 – 2025 sustainability goals, they are pushing their suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint by 50% by 2025, and Clamason are committed to achieving the target reduction volume. The process will start out by measuring our own carbon footprint and then coming up with an action plan on ways we will reduce it.

Supporting developing eco-tech markets

We believe the eco-tech sector is the most important emerging market of our time, and are committed to manufacturing the best components for the latest sustainability-focused technology, in the most ethical ways possible.

Clamason has over 70 years experience in producing bespoke precision metal components for our customers in the automotive sector. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.