Technical cleaning can make or break the success of your final product. Factory debris, even in the smallest quantities, can wreak havoc downstream, causing problems such as compromised bonding of materials or even electrical failures in the end product.

In the knowledge that technical cleaning is essential to protect the integrity of your pressed parts, we’ve introduced the ATC-100 to our leading-edge processes.

The ATC-100 is a technical cleaning machine that creates previously unseen levels of certainty. Developed in collaboration with PERO – a market leader in advanced cleaning technology – the ATC-100 showcases a fully enclosed design, which acts as an impenetrable shield against external contaminants that might compromise their quality.

So, what sets the ATC-100’s capabilities above and beyond regular technical cleaning methods? Let’s delve into its powerful features:

  • Advanced and specialised capabilities. particle extraction, surface free evaluation, dyne inks assessment, and residual contamination monitoring demonstrate the ATC-100’s sophisticated approach to cleaning precision parts. This specialised focus on various aspects of cleanliness goes beyond what regular cleaning methods typically offer.


  • Complete contaminant protection. The ATC-100’s fully enclosed design ensures that the components being cleaned are completely protected from any contaminants in the environment, resulting in a higher level of confidence in the cleaning process.


  • Precision and customisation. With a personalised approach to cleaning, the ATC-100 reaches new levels of fine-tuning and accuracy. Measuring particle count and size, for example, offers certainty over surface characteristics and contamination levels that other cleaning methods cannot match.


  • Enhanced testing and assurance. The ATC-100 doesn’t just focus on cleaning. Components undergo rigorous testing, verified to meet industry standards (such as VDA19) to ensure that cleanliness isn’t superficial. It includes an in-house testing laboratory.


  • Certified cleanroom environment. After cleaning, the components are transferred to a purpose-built, class 8 cleanroom, where environmental control is paramount. This environment minimises the chances of post-cleaning contamination and ensures that the cleaned components are handled with the highest level of care and protection.


  • Flexibility and adaptability. The ATC-100’s ability to load components onto bespoke racks that fit into standard baskets offers flexibility that might not be achievable with regular cleaning methods.


  • Vacuum-packed protection. The vacuum-packing of components into customer-specific packaging after testing and cleaning provides an additional layer of protection during transit and storage. This level of care might not be standard with regular cleaning processes.


  • Proven track record. As previously highlighted, the ATC-100 has been developed in collaboration with PERO – a trusted leader in advanced cleaning technology. When working with complex applications – such as EV and Hybrid components, or parts for medical instruments – there’s no room for risk. The dependable nature of the ATC-100 removes the worry of downstream failure due to technical cleaning errors.

As a whole, the ATC-100 offers a high level of confidence in achieving the required cleanliness levels for precision parts – making it an appealing choice over regular technical cleaning methods.

Its many benefits compliment Clamason’s own strategy growth within the electric vehicle sector, something we hope to build upon in the coming years. Indeed a number of Tier 1 customers have already benefitted from ECU covers with class leading cleanliness readings.

This new approach is helping them break new ground for finished units, reducing the risk of failure.

At Clamason, we recognise the growing demand for stamped components and understand that technical cleaning can’t always be performed in-house.

That’s why we’ve introduced our sub-contractor cleaning service. When OEMs need to outsource their technical cleaning, there’s no need to consider it a gamble. The ATC-100 guarantees the results you demand.

Our track record speaks volumes – from cleaning EV and Hybrid components to medical instruments, we’ve consistently upheld exceptional standards using state-of-the-art cleaning machinery across our UK & European sites.

From basic degreasing to cutting-edge solvent cleaning with ultrasonic technology, Clamason is your partner in maintaining and enhancing the highest standards, ensuring that you’re equipped for ongoing success.

Is your current supplier not meeting your pressing needs?