Nemco have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Clamason Industries Limited for over 10 years. This close working partnership has provided a stable supply chain enabling Clamason to provide the best possible service to its strategically important customer base – Tom Bull, Business Development Manager, Nemco Metals International Limited.

Nemco Metals

My working relationship goes back well over 25 years with Clamason Industries & unlike a good many other metal pressworkers in the West Midlands that have declined over the years they have grown & capitalised on newer emerging market areas.

So, it’s not surprising to hear that the company is very well organised & easy to deal with regarding all aspects of day to day working & communications.


Metelec first started to trade with Clamason in 2011, since then the company has shown controlled to growth in every area. They remain focussed on the existing business ensuring best practice is adopted and investigating where additional productivity can be found and at the same time are in tune with the changes within the market place keeping informed and playing an active part in R&D ensuring that the business evolves with what the market desires.

As a supplier we are able to assist by offering the flexibility that is needed in today’s market place. Since the management buyout in 2017 the growth has accelerated and we are pleased to be a proactive part of their supply chain.


In 2019 a change to the regulations meant we needed to re design a high-volume existing plastic component to a metal one. We approached Clamason in January 2018 to start discussions and using their extensive experience provided us with a solution that has been extremely well received by our clients.

Clamason helped re-design the component to suit the pressing process inclusive of a fully automated assembly and packing machine for the products. In addition to the design and prototype work Clamason also came up with a commercial proposal that worked out more competitive than a range of Far East suppliers.

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