Multi-Slide Pressings

Multi-Slide presses have been in operation at Clamason since being founded in 1947 with a range of different machines being used including Heenan and Froude, Rockwell and Bihler. 

Components produced using this technology are mainly for the electrical and building sectors where volumes are relatively high and material utilisation is key for competitive pricing. One of the key strengths of producing on multi slide machines is the strip layout can be designed using strip width material to minimise scrap and maximise yield which is particularly important when producing components from Copper, Brass, Phosphor Bronze and other high cost materials. 

Running speeds are considerably less (circa 80/100 SPM) than high speed presses although these machines can run with minimal labour and can be a competitive option depending on component design. 

Industry leading multislide pressings
Primarily used for electrical and building sectors
Competitively priced
Minimises scrap and maximises yield
Excellent value for money on high cost materials
Multislide presses run with minimal labour

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