Welding & Wire Erosion Services

The UK plant now has additional welding capability as Clamason has invested in new machinery that can offer a range of additional welding and wire erosion services following pressing … these include:

Laser welding

The JK500W Fibre laser welding machine allows steel laminations to be joined-together at high speeds.

Robotic Mig Welding

Using MIG welding technology, the Kawasaki robotic welding cell is capable of joining multiple parts together in high volumes.

Wire Erosion

Clamason’s UK plant has several wire erosion machines that use the latest AgieCharmilles technology to repair even the most complex in-house tooling.

Numerous quality welding & wire erosion services available
JK500W Fibre laser welding machine
Can join together steel laminations at high speeds
MIG welding technology
Excellent value for money
Can produce multiple parts together in high volumes
The latest AgieCharmilles technology
Can repair even the most complex tooling in house
A highly skilled team of experts
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