Clamason pride themselves in providing customers with value engineering services to remove cost from existing components. Clamason have had major success in re designing aluminium castings, extrusions and machined parts to pressed parts giving huge costs savings to both piece prices and tooling lifetime costs. For more information on our value engineering services, please read our case study on cast to stamped examples …  click here.

If the components have a structural application and have machining this could be the perfect candidate to be re-designed as a pressed component. Tooling life will increase substantially, the need for machining would be removed (depending on the tolerance requirements) and the piece price will be substantially reduced. Generally aluminium extrusions are used in heatsink applications and often need machining, Clamason have had success in re designing heatsinks to give an equivalent amount of heat dissipation from a completely different design.

Production outputs are much greater and piece price will reduce switching to a pressed alternative. It is not always possible to re design a machined parts as a pressing although Clamason have had success on several occasions. In one case a 100% machined part was re designed as a hybrid of pressing and then a final machining operation, reducing the machining by > 50% and giving the customer a significant cost saving. In another case Clamason completely re designed a machined rack utilising pressed laminations which are joined together, which again gave the customer huge cost savings.