Good quality components start with good quality tooling, as the quality of a finished metal component all depends on the tooling’s precision and characteristics. To ensure all tooling used in our factories is designed and engineered to the highest quality, all client tooling is made to Clamason specifications.

Tooling is designed in-house by our tooling specialists, using CAD tooling software in Clamason’s UK Design Centre. The designers make important decisions about the best tooling material to use for each project, such as steel vs carbide, depending on the production life of each tool, before producing 2D drawings and a 3D file. The manufacture of the tooling is as important as the design, which is why Clamason only uses trusted tooling suppliers that we’ve built up good working relationships with for many years. We know we can rely on these companies to give us a competitive price and advantageous turnaround/lead time.

Whilst some of our tooling suppliers are based in the Far East, we also have a number of suppliers based in the UK, for clients who prefer a more local option. Tooling can vary in cost depending on a number of factors, such as the configuration, the strength and the rigidity of the tools required. We believe it’s important that every client owns their own tooling, so, once the final tooling design is approved, we’ll liaise with the tooling manufacturer on behalf of the client to get the tooling ordered. All tooling ordered by Clamason is fully inserted and made from quality materials with Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) fixings.

Clamason also has an in-house tool shop at both its UK and Slovakian premises, for any required maintenance or modification to tooling, or should any spare parts need to be produced.

Designed in-house on our specialist CAD tooling software
Highly skilled and experienced team of CAD specialists
Competitive costs and advantageous lead time
Leading suppliers from the UK and overseas
Made from quality materials with SMED fixings
In-house tool shops at both UK/Slovakian premises

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