Progression Press Tools

All tooling is designed by our experienced industry specialists, using state of the art CAD software in our Design Centre. Clamason’s team make essential decisions about the best method and material to implement – for example, is steel or carbide ideal when considering the production life of each tool? In addition to the design stage, the manufacture of the tooling is equally vital which is why we only use the world’s leading suppliers who we’ve worked closely with for decades. As a result, Clamason are confident we can offer highly competitive prices as well as an excellent turnaround.

Clamason Industries have a number of suppliers based in the UK and the Far East … Cost can vary depending on various factors, including the configuration, rigidity and strength of the product. Clamason place high importance on every client owning their own tooling … therefore, on completion of design we’ll work closely with the manufacturer on behalf of our customer for a seamless order. All of Clamason’s progression / press tools are made from the highest quality material with Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) fixings.

We believe that the best components begin with the highest quality progression / press tools due to the standard of finished components being dependent on the tooling’s characteristics and particularly its extreme precision. To guarantee that all our progression / press tooling is designed and manufactured to unrivalled quality, all of our customer’s tooling is produced to Clamason specifications.

Clamason boasts a state of the art in-house tool shop at both locations in UK and Slovakia. If maintenance or modification is required or any spares need producing, we have the solution!

Need to Know More?

In addition to our progression press tooling, we now produce the new Eco Tech Range of components