Home Safety & Security

Clamason has been supplying some of the components that are assembled into smoke detectors for more than 30 years.

With volumes across the range of components exceeding 500,000 per week, Clamason uses its industry knowledge and experience to ensure tooling is evaluated and optimised during the design phase, to maximise material yields in this very competitive market sector.

The components are produced on progression tooling in Bruderer presses, using materials such as Nickel Silver, Phosphor Bronze and Brass.

Home Safety
Supplying smoke detectors parts for more than 30 years
Volumes exceeding 500,000 per week
Tooling evaluated design phase to maximise material yields
Produced on progression tooling Bruderer presses
Materials include Nickel Silver, Phosphor Bronze and Brass
A highly experienced and skilled team of industry experts

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