One of the Leading Engineering Companies in The West Midlands

As one of  the leading engineering companies in the West Midlands, Clamason Industries has an excellent reputation for helping clients gain competitive advantage in global manufacturing and export markets.

Multi-slide Pressings

This technology is mainly used for the building and electrical sectors. Typically, volumes tend to be high competitive pricing is achieved by utilising materials carefully and efficiently. One of the main advantages of our state of the art multi-slide machines is that the layout can be accurately designed using strip width material … this maximises yield and also minimises scrap. This is highly advantageous when we are required to manufacture from high cost materials such as brass, copper and phosphor bronze. Running speeds are approx 80/100 SPM, which is much less than a typical high speed press -however, these machines require minimal labour (when running)  and have prove to be a very competitive option for certain component designs. Are you looking for engineering companies in West Midlands? … Click here to get in touch.

Value Engineering

We offer a range of quality services including …
Aluminium Die Cast to Pressing
| Aluminum Extrusion to Pressing | Machined Parts to Pressing

Technical Cleaning

Meeting international clean room standards and compliant with all the latest industry regulations, each of our machines are fully enclosed, automatic systems, achieving ’56 dyne level’ with a minimum particle size of 127 microns. However, this does depend on component design and material type. Clamason UK and Slovakia have five cleaning machines across our two plants and each of them are able to run a range of multiple programmes (depending on client specification). Are you looking for technical cleaning / engineering companies in West Midlands? … Click here to get in touch.

Materials and Finishes

Clamason currently manufacture the majority of components in the below material specifications and finishes, if you require a different material or finish please contact us to discuss further. Are you looking for engineering companies in West Midlands? … Click here to get in touch.

Supply Chain and Logistics

SCL is a vital part of global trade and we are a highly established supply chain network … Clamason deal with all logistical aspects of trading internationally and is overseen by a professional and highly experienced logistics team! Our experts will manage, quote, oversee invoicing in numerous currencies (as well as communicating globally on a range of customer services, planning and risk-management. Our requirement to deliver exceptional customer service along with commitment to international quality systems and standards requires a consistent delivery of promises – providing excellent, fit for purpose products within budget and on time! With sites in both the United Kingdom and Slovakia, our SCL operates cost-effectively and smoothly, satisfying our clients and suppliers requirements on a regular basis. Are you looking for supply chain logistics or engineering companies in West Midlands? … Click here to get in touch.

Eco Tech