Drives & Controls

Whilst rarely seen, drives and controls play a huge part in our daily lives, as they are used in a range of applications such as train doors, airport luggage systems, conveyor systems and production automation systems.

Clamason was approached by a market leading company in the drives and controls sector to help re-design several components to go into range of DC converters.

Clamason used its years of experience in providing innovative solutions to successfully re-design the components, fulfilling the client’s objective to reduce production costs.

Clamason now produces a range of 20+ parts for this client using progression tooling, in a series of pre-zinc coated steels up to 1.5mm.

Stamping - Clamason Industries UK
State of the art progression tooling
Used in a range of essential applications
Re-designed numerous components for a range of DC converters
Seamlessly manufacturing parts that play a huge part in daily lives
Reducing production costs with innovative solutions
Pre-zinc coated steels up to 1.5mm
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