Consumer Electronics

The fast-moving consumer electronics market is constantly evolving and incorporates many challenges, such as having enough time to market the products, but also the flexibility to make last minute design changes.

Over the years, Clamason has made several items that go into household name products. For example, the silver covers for the original Sky receiver boxes, and later the internal metal housing for the Sky+ HD box were all produced by Clamason.

These items were produced in both the UK and Slovakian factories, on a transfer press line (which is the perfect type of press for this component design).

More recently, with the increasing need to take some of the heat out of electronics, Clamason has been involved in manufacturing a range of complex aluminium heatsinks which are used in a range of different consumer products.

Volumes of these are typically in the millions, produced on progression tooling.

Precision Stamped Components
Enhancing flexibility for design changes
Components for global industry leaders such as Sky
Produced on state of the art equipment
Can product highly complex parts for a variety of applications
Components used in a wide range of consumer products
Can produce components in volumes of millions

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